Two Organizations. One Outcome.

Travis Taylor, Marketing Specialist

December 5, 2018

Dedicated to providing comprehensive pharmaceutical care management, PerformRxSM and PerformSpecialty® together offer clinical expertise, custom pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions, and proprietary technology platforms to achieve the best outcomes for our members and patients. For two decades, our focus has been on providing optimal service through a clinical culture, resulting in high-quality care at favorable costs.

The corresponding streamlined care coordination provided by PerformRx and PerformSpecialty combine to offer optimized financial and health outcomes. The seamless integration between PBM and specialty pharmacy delivers a more coordinated health management model than those typically made available by health plans. This approach creates a high potential for increased member compliance and adherence, and a decrease in adverse incidents and hospital visits.

PerformRX and PerformSpecialty offer many services and programs and serve numerous markets.

As a full-service PBM and specialty pharmacy, respectively, PerformRx and PerformSpecialty collaborate to provide a wide range of coordinated health management services for our clients’ members that does not stop at the point of distribution. Our model allows for ongoing clinical management designed for specialty drugs and diseases that is comprehensive in nature and dynamic to meet the evolving requirements of the marketplace. We have worked hard to deliver a streamlined process that ensures patient needs are efficiently and effectively managed.