A Digital Delivery of Care

Travis Taylor, Marketing Specialist

October 3, 2018

As the digital environment surrounding us rapidly evolves, so too do our expectations regarding access to information. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart watches can all provide instant access to digital tools and information. From checking the weather forecast and adjusting your home thermostat accordingly, to locking your doors and monitoring home security, it can all be done immediately, from any location, thanks to significant advances in digital technology.

As our societal behaviors continue to shift, increased expectations for convenience and continuous access are slowly becoming the new norm. Similar to the transformation in the retail and banking industries, health care has adopted the digital delivery model to supplement the demands of its consumers.

Over the past decade, telehealth services have seen significant improvement in usability, acceptance, and confidence by both health care providers and patients because of their flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. PerformRxSM is proud to have recently implemented a telepharmacy program to provide our clients’ members with the benefits and access they deserve through videoconferencing, telephonic communication, and store-and-forward imaging.

The Facts

Telehealth affords medical professionals the opportunity to virtually communicate with patients at conveniently located kiosks, within the comfort of patients’ own homes, or on the go with the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. With 7 million people slated to use telehealth in 2018 — a 1,900 percent increase over the past five years — the technology has gained significant popularity in the delivery of medical and health education services.

In relation to Medicare populations, almost 60 percent of patients ages 65 and older are willing to manage a chronic condition using telehealth, according to American Well’s 2017 Consumer Survey. A study of 8,000 patients found no differences in care quality between in-person and telehealth visits, while 76 percent of consumers prioritize access to treatment over a face-to-face visit.

The Benefits

PerformRx values the relationships we have built with our clients’ members and our understanding of their medical histories. Our telehealth services eliminate the need to wait in line at the pharmacy, thus providing members with the convenience of being able to engage with a pharmacist in a familiar and comfortable setting of the member’s choosing. PerformRx’s telehealth services also help to build member trust in and engagement with managed care.

What’s more, our telehealth services feature videoconferencing, so our licensed pharmacists can clearly and concisely demonstrate techniques and therapies without the confusion that otherwise could result from a telephone-only conversation. PerformRx has experienced that members tend to be more comfortable with the personalized care delivered by telepharmacy, thus more inclined to ask questions or raise concerns than they would be in a retail setting.

With 20 percent of Americans residing in rural areas with limited or no access to health care services, telepharmacy provides a much-needed solution to gaps in care. Because PerformRx serves members across the United States, we understand that not all of our members have the access they need. We believe telepharmacy will go a long way toward improving health outcomes in rural locations.

PerformRx’s dedication to clinical expertise and innovative technology solutions supports our mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective services for positive health and financial outcomes. Telepharmacy is a welcome addition to our growing catalog of PBM products and services, and is a new opportunity for PerformRx to increase access to care and health information while prioritizing member satisfaction.