Welcome to Innovations XIII:


It is my honor to welcome you to PerformRx's annual client conference, INNOVATIONSXIII.

This year we are also celebrating PerformRx's 20th anniversary in providing pharmacy benefit management services. I’d like to personally thank everyone for lending time out of your demanding schedules to be a part of the celebration at one of Napa Valley’s most coveted locations, The Meritage Resort and Spa. All of us at PerformRx and PerformSpecialty are confident that this is the perfect venue to harvest a brilliant blend of industry leaders and experts on health care and pharmacy.

As we take time to reflect on the past 20 years, we are also looking forward to our future in cultivating pharmacy benefits management’s vibrant landscape. All of us in the industry are bearing up under the challenges of the aging PBM model, and I’m proud to be at this event surrounded by a group of leaders whose passion encourages positive and ethical solutions.

I’d like to give you a sample of what to expect and what we hope to accomplish during INNOVATIONS XIII. This year's brilliantly-crafted batch of presenters includes well-known health care industry experts and trendsetters who are zealous about the delivery of quality healthcare and pharmacy benefits management.   


An Outlook on Medicare Advantage and Part D
John Gorman, Founder and former Chairman of Gorman Health Group

Resilience: Stress Smarter. Recover Better. Perform at your Best.
Natalie Johnson, Corporate Performance Coach Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute

Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities
Phil Hansen, Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

All of our attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and network while taking full advantage of everything Napa Valley has to offer. On behalf of all of us at PerformRx and PerformSpecialty, we hope that you enjoy your experience at INNOVATIONSXIII as we look forward to curating contemporary trends and topics in pharmacy benefits management.




Mesfin Tegenu, M.S., R.Ph.


The opinions expressed by program participants are those of the individual presenters. They do not necessarily reflect the views of PerformRx or its members.

Security Policy

In order to provide a secure environment, conference participants MUST wear name badges when attending any conference function, including sessions, meals, evening receptions, and private onsite meetings. Please do not misplace or forget badges, as duplicates will not be provided.


For general questions and answers, please refer to the conference FAQ. For any additional inquiries, please email John Butts, Conference Director, at jbutts@performrx.com.