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PerformRx Review

PerformRx Review

Pharmacy Topics and Trends in Review

When PerformRx was formed in 1999, we became one of the very first Medicaid managed care organizations to deliver an integrated model of care. When we saw the need for enhanced specialty pharmacy coverage in 2014, we established our wholly owned specialty pharmacy, PerformSpecialty®. Our specialty pharmacy is a vital resource for many individuals with chronic conditions. Beyond the provision of life-saving drugs, the convenience of home delivery of specialty medications allows our members to live their lives with dignity. Just as their combined strengths have revolutionized pharmaceutical care delivery, PerformRx and PerformSpecialty have created PerformRx Review to lead the conversation about modern medicine management.

PerformRx Review will connect you to the latest news and analysis on advances in pharmacy practice, with a focus on efficacy and patient benefit, on a bi-annual basis. We hope this information will help you — and us — provide the people we serve with the care they deserve.

Winter 2018 Issue: Articles

  • A Balanced View on Drug Manufacturer Limited-Distribution Drug Pharmacy

  • Benefits of Hemlibra, an Exciting New Treatment Option

  • Increase in Biosimilars: What You Need to Know

  • The PerformRx Bleeding Disorder Program

  • And more...