Hepatitis Awareness Month: PerformRx's DTM Makes a Difference

Posted on: May 27, 2015 / By: Dan Horsey

Hepatitis Awareness Month: PerformRx's DTM Makes a Difference

A PerformRx clinical pharmacist plays an important role in helping his patient overcome hepatitis C.

 “I wanted you to be there when I took my last tablet.”

James Cavage R.Ph., a clinical pharmacist with PerformRx, immediately recognized the caller’s voice as Steven*. Cavage had been working with the patient, who suffered from hepatitis C, for three months. Steven was completing his final dose of anti-viral treatment and wanted to do it with his pharmacist by his side.

Cavage helped Steven begin his anti-viral treatment in February. The two men built a rapport, both understanding each other’s role in the treatment. “It was easy to build a relationship with him due to his personality and willingness to complete the medication program,” Cavage said. “He was always adherent despite having some tough side effects from the medication. He always saw the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The call made Cavage’s day and he was grateful to have helped his patient. Steven’s story is just one of many that have ended in success with the help of PerformRx’s Drug Therapy Management (DTM) program. PerformRx has provided DTM services since 2010 and has seen the benefits of working with members and their prescribers. “It provides the member with another level of support, someone else they can turn to,” Andrew Maiorini, Vice President of Clinical Programs at PerformRx, said. “Members know we are there for them, because we’re working alongside their prescriber, and they know we’re available whenever they need.”

For his treatment, Steven used a newer combination of anti-viral medications that has seen a 90 percent or greater success rate in clinical trials. After a few months of treatment he reported that his viral load was undetectable. “This was a real reason to celebrate,” Cavage said. After taking the final tablet, Steven thanked Cavage for his help and said that he had to go. He wanted to call his parents to let them know that he had finished his treatment.

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month and organizations across the country like the CDC and the Hepatitis Foundation International are doing their parts to raise awareness and help the millions of U.S. citizens living with the condition. PerformRx supports Hepatitis Awareness Month and wants chronic hepatitis sufferers to know that there is hope. For more information on PerformRx’s hepatitis C DTM services, contact us at info@performrx.com.

 *Not his real name.

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Dan Horsey is a Marketing Specialist that has been with PerformRx since 2009. He has previous experience in Medicare Part D compliance, pharmacy network management, and retail pharmacy.