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Prior Authorization Support

PerformRx's Prior Authorization (PA) program is supported by Medicaid and Medicare-specific PA oral and injectable product protocols. Our PA protocols are evidenced-based and used within our own membership to support our benefit management strategy, which means that protocols are tested and effective.

This system accepts prior authorization requests via fax or phone and allows our customers to track the progress of a specific prior authorization request through to fulfillment via the Internet customers can also view medication denials.

PerformPA is menu-driven, which allows our customers to select the PA protocols appropriate for their membership. The PA protocols are evidenced-based and used within our own membership to support our benefit management strategy. PerformPA is also automated, which streamlines the PA process and reduces inefficient paper transfers.

Some customers that choose to be more aggressive in cost management, have seen a dramatic increase in cost savings arising from PerformRx's PA program.
PerformRx's PA program differentiates itself from others through:

  • Medicare and Medicaid specific protocols
  • Evidence-based and proven results
  • Fully automated, web-based decision tool
  • Integrated with POS systems to streamline administrative costs
  • 98% of PerformRx's PA determinations are upheld by our customers

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