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Our Effective Contact Center Can Help Reduce Call Backs

The PerformRx Pharmacy Call Center staff takes calls from pharmacies, providers and members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PerformRx has staff supporting both the Provider Call Center and the Member Service Call Center. This approach allows members to speak directly with Certified Pharmacy Technicians who can provide members with a better understanding of drug classification and formulary. They are also able to speak with pharmacists to retrieve verbal authorizations on the member's behalf, reducing call backs from members and providers.

Primary Responsibilities of the Call Center

PeformRx’s Call Center boasts a 99% first call resolution rate! We offer superior Call Center services by providing our Pharmacy Services Technicians with training, tools, and corporate support in order to provide quick and accurate resolution of questions and issues. PerformRx's staff uses state-of-the-art telephonic solutions from a number of leading telecom manufacturers, including Avaya, Verint, and Pipkins. Quality monitoring and tracking systems are used to track and report performance and to identify areas for continuous improvement.

PerformRx provides Call Center services through both Provider and Member Call Center units.

Provider Call Center

The Provider Call Center staff provides support to pharmacists and providers regarding questions about the pharmacy network and claims submissions, including assistance with DUR claims messaging, formulary, and prior authorizations.

Member Call Center

PerformRx’s Member Call Center staff is proficient in helping members with questions pertaining to benefits, reimbursements, drug classifications, eligibility, authorizations, and issues. Pharmacy Service Technicians collaborate with registered PerformRx pharmacists to retrieve verbal authorizations on the member's behalf. This allows us to reduce follow-up calls from members and providers, helping to improve customer satisfaction.

PerformRx’s Call Center features include:

  • Pharmacy Services Technicians are trained to handle pharmacy and pharmacy member services issues.
  • The Pharmacy Call Center is staffed with Nationally-Certified Pharmacy Technicians.
  • Our Call Center staff's clinical understanding and outreach capabilities enable them to resolve issues during the initial contact.
  • PerformRx staff is knowledgeable about Medicaid and Medicare Part D requirements unique to each client health plan.

PerformRx Call Center Expertise – First Call Resolutions

PerformRx’s Call Center maintains a first call resolution of 99%

PerformRx’s Call Center is staffed with Nationally-Certified Pharmacy Technicians

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